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In vitro study of the transfer of cytokine-inducing substances across selected high-flux hemodialysis membranes.

The in vitro transfer of cytokine-inducing substances (CIS) across cellulose triacetate and polyacrylonitrile hollow-fiber high-flux hemodialyzers was studied using culture filtrates of gram-negative bacteria isolated from hemodialysis center environments. With Enterobacter cloacae, no transfer of CIS was seen despite the potent cytokine inducibility and endotoxin content of the challenge solution. In contrast, interleukins 1 and 6 and tumor necrosis factor inducing substances did penetrate both dialyzer types challenged with Pseudomonas aeruginosa culture filtrates containing a high endotoxin content. Transfer was not seen, however, upon dilution of the challenge solution to lower, yet clinically very high levels of endotoxin. These results show that, in vitro, the transfer of CIS across high-flux membranes is critically dependent upon the quality and the quantity of the challenge material employed.[1]


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