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Simultaneous biosynthesis of (+)-geodin by a lovastatin-producing fungus Aspergillus terreus.

The simultaneous biosynthesis of lovastatin (mevinolinic acid) and (+)-geodin by Aspergillus terreus ATCC 20542 with regard to the medium composition, i.e. the concentrations of carbon and nitrogen source, was described in this paper. A. terreus is a lovastatin producer but the formation of lovastatin was accompanied by the significant amounts of (+)-geodin, when the elevated concentration of carbon source (lactose) was still present in the medium in the idiophase and nitrogen source (yeast extract) was deficient. It was observed for runs, in which the higher (above 20 g l(-1)) initial lactose concentration was applied or when the nitrogen deficiency led to the decrease of biomass content in the system. In contrast to lovastatin, there was not optimum initial concentration of yeast extract, as its lowest tested initial concentration (2 g l(-1)) led to the highest (+)-geodin volumetric formation rates and final yield. What is more, even higher final (+)-geodin concentrations were achieved at elevated initial lactose concentration (40 g l(-1)) and in the lactose-fed fed-batch run. In the fed-batch run lovastatin concentration increased significantly too, as this metabolite formation is also carbon source dependent. Finally, (+)-geodin occurred to be a metabolite, whose formation, in contrast to lovastatin, is non-growth associated.[1]


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