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The complete sequence of a 7.5 kb region of chromosome III from Saccharomyces cerevisiae that lies between CRY1 and MAT.

We report the sequence of a 7.5 kb region lying between the CRY1 and MAT loci of chromosome III from Saccharomyces cerevisiae. This region lies in the overlap between two major contigs used for the generation of the complete nucleotide sequence of this chromosome. Comparison of this sequence with those reported previously for this overlap [Thierry et al. (1990) Yeast 6, 521; Jia et al. (1991) Yeast 7, 413] reveals 38 nucleotide differences, 45% of which generate changes in the amino acid sequences of the four genes in this region (YCR591, YCR592, YCR521 and YCR522). These differences appear to reflect true sequence polymorphisms between the two yeast strains used to generate the clones used in the sequencing project. Three of the four genes in this region display weak homologies to proteins in the PIR database. Some properties of YCR521 are analogous to those of ribosomal protein genes. However, the functions of all four genes remain obscure.[1]


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