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Chromosomal localization of the human annexin III (ANX3) gene.

The annexins or lipocortins are a new family of calcium-dependent phospholipid-binding proteins. Annexin III has been previously identified as inositol 1,2-cyclic phosphate 2-phosphohydrolase (EC, an enzyme of inositol phosphate metabolism, and also as placental anticoagulant protein III, lipocortin III, calcimedin 35-alpha, and an abundant neutrophil cytoplasmic protein. In this study, the gene (ANX3) encoding annexin III was localized to human chromosome 4 at band q21 (q13-q22) by (1) polymerase chain reaction analysis of a human-rodent hybrid cell panel, confirmed by genomic Southern blot analysis of the same panel with a cDNA probe and (2) in situ hybridization with a cDNA probe.[1]


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