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Common SNP in pre-miR-146a decreases mature miR expression and predisposes to papillary thyroid carcinoma.

Although papillary thyroid carcinoma (PTC) displays strong heritability, no predisposing germ-line mutations have been found. We show that a common G/C polymorphism (rs2910164) within the pre-miR-146a sequence reduced the amount of pre- and mature miR-146a from the C allele 1.9- and 1.8-fold, respectively, compared with the G allele. This is matched by a similar decrease in the amount of each pre-miR generated from the corresponding pri-miR-146a in an in vitro processing reaction. The C allele also interfered with the binding of a nuclear factor to pre-miR-146a. The reduction in miR-146a led to less efficient inhibition of target genes involved in the Toll-like receptor and cytokine signaling pathway (TRAF6, IRAK1), and PTC1 (also known as CCDC6 or H4), a gene frequently rearranged with RET proto-oncogene in PTC. In an association study of 608 PTC patients and 901 controls, we found marked differences in genotype distribution of rs2910164 (P = 0.000002), the GC heterozygous state being associated with an increased risk of acquiring PTC (odds ratio = 1.62, P = 0.000007), and both homozygous states protective with odds ratio = 0.42 for the CC genotype (P = 0.003) and odds ratio = 0.69 for the GG genotype (P = 0.0006). Moreover, 4.7% of tumors had undergone somatic mutations of the SNP sequence. Thus, our data suggest that a common polymorphism in pre-miR-146a affects the miR expression, contributes to the genetic predisposition to PTC, and plays a role in the tumorigenesis through somatic mutation. Preliminary evidence suggests that these effects are mediated through target genes whose expression is affected by the SNP status.[1]


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