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Thyroid Neoplasms

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Gene context of Thyroid Neoplasms

  • Plasma somatostatin activity in medullary cancer of the thyroid [13].
  • Surgery is the only accepted method for a potentially curative treatment of metastatic medullary cancer of the thyroid (MCT) [14].
  • Serum from one patient with cancer of the thyroid, but no sera from non-SCLC patients or normal healthy controls, was positive [15].
  • Only nonmedullary cancer of the thyroid was shown to be statistically more prevalent in HPT patients than in autopsy controls (7% vs 0%, respectively; P < 0.02) [16].
  • Thyroid-carcinoma is one of the extraintestinal manifestations of FAP and particularly women in the age of 25-35 years are at risk according to the literature [17].
  • A commonly found genetic alternation is a point mutation in the BRAF oncogene (BRAF V600E), which is primarily found in papillary thyroid cancer and is associated with more aggressive disease [18].
  • There is intriguing evidence that BRAF mutation testing of papillary thyroid carcinoma might improve the diagnosis, prognostic stratification and treatment of these tumors but large, prospective trials are needed to define the actual clinical impact of these approaches [19].


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