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Coat protein of potyviruses. 7. Amino acid sequence of peanut stripe virus.

The amino acid sequence of the 287-residue coat protein of peanut stripe virus (PStV) was determined from the sequences of overlapping peptide fragments. Results indicated that the amino terminus was blocked by an acetyl group, as has previously been found for the coat protein of Johnsongrass mosaic potyvirus. Comparison of the PStV sequence with coat proteins of 20 distinct potyviruses gave sequence identities of 47-57%, except for zucchini yellow mosaic virus (ZYMV), passionfruit woodiness virus (PWV), and the related strains watermelon mosaic virus 2 (WMV 2) and soybean mosaic virus-N, which showed sequence identities of 70-76%. Several amino acid residues which were common to the core sequences of these coat proteins were at positions previously found to be invariant among potyvirus coat proteins. The degree of these similarities suggests that although PStV, WMV 2, ZYMV, and PWV are distinct potyviruses, they share a common ancestor in their evolutionary development.[1]


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