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Effect of propranolol on bile acid- and cholera enterotoxin-stimulated cAMP and secretion in rabbit intestine.

Stimulation of net secretion by deoxycholic acid (DCA) in the colon and by cholera enterotoxin (CE) in the jejunum is mediated by cAMP. Propranolol (Pr) inhibits adenylate cyclase (AC) activity and net secretion induced by bile acid in the colon. The aim of this study was to assess the organ specificity of DCA and CE as well as the selectivity of Pr inhibition. Three colonic and three jejunal loops were prepared in each of 8 rabbits treated intravenously with Pr, 4 mg per kg, 1/2 hr before loop construction and in each of 10 untreated control rabbits. One milliliter of DCA, 6 mM, CE, 10 mug per ml, or heat-inactivated CE or 0.9% NaCl, as basal controls were injected in random order into each of the loops. The volume of luminal fluid and mucosal AC were measured in each intestinal loop 5 hr later. DCA in the colon stimulated AC 2-fold (P less than 0.01) and luminal fluid 15-fold (P less than 0.01). CE in the jejunum stimulated AC 2.3-fold (P less than 0.01) and luminal fluid 9-fold (P less that 0.01). No significant effects on volume or AC occurred in response to CE in the colon or to DCA in the jejunum. Pr pretreatment completely prevented the stimulation of AC and luminal fluid by DCA in the colon but did not affect the action of CE in the jejunum of the same animals. Thus, DCA and CE are organ-specific stimulants of cAMP systems, and Pr is a selective inhibitor of certain inducers of cAMP and net secretion.[1]


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