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The complete sequence of the unit YCR59, situated between CRY1 and MAT, reveals two long open reading frames, which cover 91% of the 10.1 kb segment.

We have entirely sequenced YCR59, which is a 10.1 kb segment of the right arm of chromosome III, and is part of the clone E5F from the Newlon collection. The segment contains two long open reading frames (ORFs): YCR591 which starts in the adjacent fragment H9G (situated towards CRY1 and the centromere), and continues with 1833 codons in YCR59. The second ORFYCR592 is 1226 codons long and encoded entirely within YCR59. The two ORFs represent 91% of the total length of the segment. Excellent agreement in both location and length is found between the ORFs YCR591 and YCR592 and the transcripts 86 and 87 respectively in the Yoshikawa and Isono (1990) map of chromosome III. The two ORFs correspond to new genes and show no significant similarity with any known genes.[1]


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