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Questionnaire detection of problem drinkers among acute medical admissions.

The study was designed to determine the prevalence of alcoholism/problem drinking among emergency medical admissions. Of 203 emergency admissions to two medical wards, 18% were found to be problem drinkers, using the brief Michigan alcoholic screening test (MAST) questionnaire. Problem drinking was found in 31% of males and 5% of females. Most drinking was done with friends (77%) and at the "rum shop" (62%). Fifty-one per cent of problem drinkers started between the ages of sixteen and twenty years. Seventy per cent of all problem drinkers had a first degree family relative who drank compared to 28% of non-drinkers. A high prevalence of alcoholism (48%) was found among smokers. Housestaff detected just over half of male (56%) and female (60%) alcoholics who were MAST-positive. Medical diagnoses among MAST-positive patients were gastrointestinal (cirrhosis, pancreatitis and hepatitis) in 32%, neurological (delirium tremens, seizures and subdural hematoma) in 27% and cardiovascular (cardiomyopathy, heart failure and dysrhythmias) in 16%. The detected level of problem drinking is likely to cause significant morbidity, and allows an important opportunity for intervention. The use of questionnaire methods to screen for alcoholism needs further evaluation in the region.[1]


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