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Hematoma, Subdural

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Disease relevance of Hematoma, Subdural


High impact information on Hematoma, Subdural

  • Comparison of the ABC/2 estimation technique to computer-assisted volumetric analysis of intraparenchymal and subdural hematomas complicating the GUSTO-1 trial [6].
  • Bilateral isodense subdural hematomas were discovered in association with an absence of detectable CSF pressure on two lumbar punctures [7].
  • The CT appearance of peritentorial subdural hemorrhage sometimes mimicks that of intra-axial lesions, but coronal scanning or reconstruction can be used to resolve this problem [8].
  • CT scans of 87 patients with subdural hematoma were compared to those of 393 patients with midline shift caused by other intracranial lesions with regard to attenuation changes in the lesion and the character of the ventricular deformity [9].
  • We have therefore evaluated the neuroprotective effect of a new forebrain-selective polyamine site NMDA antagonist, CP101,606 in a rat subdural hematoma (SDH) model [10].

Chemical compound and disease context of Hematoma, Subdural


Biological context of Hematoma, Subdural

  • A case of fetal subdural hematoma at 31 weeks of gestation in a woman on warfarin therapy after Cabrol's operation [16].
  • Treatment with imatinib has been stopped in six patients (55%), because of overt side effects (n = 4), recurrence of transitory dizziness and visual defects owing to a rising platelet count (n = 1), or the occurrence of an acute subdural hemorrhage that was evacuated without neurological deficits (n = 1) [17].

Anatomical context of Hematoma, Subdural


Gene context of Hematoma, Subdural


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Hematoma, Subdural


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