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Electric response audiometry in infants and preschool children. Long-term control of the results.

Two hundred and four infants and preschool children (mean age 2 years and 7 months +/- 9 months) with auditory impairment according to ABR and ECochG data, and 33 subjected to SVR were followed up for periods ranging from 1 year to 4 years and 6 months until a reliable conventional pure tone audiogram was obtained. One hundred and fifty-one children had conductive hearing loss, 75 sensorineural, 7 had ABR indicating disorders of the central auditory pathways, 5 were normal. Hit, false positive and false negative rates resulted as follows: 58.62%, 17.24% and 24.14% for SVR: 98.37%, 1.63% and 0% for ABR; 99.15%, 0.85% and 0% for ECochG. In the group with sensorineural hearing loss, 75% of the children gave ECochG detectable responses at 90 dB nHL, against 51.5% with ABR. With 1 kHz tonebursts, 64% of the tested subjects gave threshold responses to ECochG and 12% to ABR. The best strategy for children who failed the behavioral hearing tests, or in whom these tests were not applicable, was that based on ABR and middle ear impedance measures, complemented, when necessary, by ECochG.[1]


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