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Cytogenetical analysis of the 2B3-4-2B11 region of the X chromosome of Drosophila melanogaster. VII. Influence of the ecs locus on female fertility.

Of 13 ecs mutations, which affect female fertility, as revealed by complementation analysis, 7 are chromosome rearrangements involving the br complementation group. The other six show no cytologically detectable rearrangements and behave as completely or partially noncomplementing ecs alleles. All viable combinations of these 13 mutations were characterized by partial or complete female sterility. Viable heterozygotes carrying any of these mutations and the rearrangements Df(1)sta, T(1;3)sta, Df(1)St490, previously localized distal to the ecs locus, were also sterile. Using deletions and an electrophoretic mobility variant from the Staket strain, a minor chorion gene S70 has been mapped. It had been thought this gene was located in the 2B3-5 region, and corresponded to the ecs locus. However, in the present study, this gene was shown to map in the region removed by Df(1)sta (1E1-2-2B3-4) but outside that removed by Df(1)At127 (1E1-2-2A1-2), i.e. within the 2A1-2-2B3-4 region which is distal to the ecs locus. Rearrangements and point mutations at the ecs locus that result in female sterility had no effect on synthesis of the chorion protein s70. It may therefore be suggested that the chorion protein gene is not functionally associated with the ecs locus and that sterility is caused not by disruptions of the chorion protein gene but by lesions in the ecs gene itself. Thus, an ecs product, which controls cell sensitivity to ecdysterone is also necessary for female fertility.(ABSTRACT TRUNCATED AT 250 WORDS)[1]


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