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Kinetics and dynamics of tobramycin action in patients with bacteriuria given single doses.

We studied the effect of a single intravenous dose of tobramycin on the rate of bacterial eradication from urine in 10 patients with bladder catheters. The catheter was replaced 4 to 6 h after the tobramycin dose. Pseudomonas aeruginosa was found in 7 of the 10 patients, while members of the family Enterobacteriaceae accounted for the remaining pathogens. The MIC for each bacterium was determined in both broth and urine. Tobramycin eradicated the bacteria from eight patients. Bacteriuria resolved in 21.8 +/- 18.0 h, and urine bactericidal activity persisted for 43.4 +/- 20.3 h after the dose of tobramycin. Most patients were recolonized by another bacterial species if use of Foley catheters was resumed on a continuous basis. Two patients required additional doses of tobramycin to eradicate the original pathogen. There were significant temporal relationships between the pharmacokinetics of tobramycin and the change in colony count of bacteria in urine.[1]


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