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Thrombospondin: a component of microfibrils in various tissues.

We used antisera directed against human platelet thrombospondin (TSP) and microfibril-associated GP 128 to localize the presence of these glycoproteins in fixed sections of human placenta or porcine arteries and skin by immunogold labeling, using electron microscopy. These two antibodies reacted with both human and porcine tissues and always recognized the same structures. In all three tissues the antibodies were associated with the basement membranes and, more precisely, with the microfibrillar structures present at the junction between the basement membrane and the adjacent connective tissue. This localization indicates that GP 128 and TSP are associated with the microfibrils, and suggests their possible role in the attachment of basement membrane to the connective tissue meshwork. Their presence in microfibrils associated with the subendothelial basement membrane in arteries may be important in regard to the thrombogenicity of the subendothelium since, after an endothelial lesion, they may be directly accessible to blood platelets.[1]


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