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Blood Platelets

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Disease relevance of Blood Platelets

  • Furthermore, a significantly lower than normal serotonin accumulation rate was also detected in dense granules isolated from blood platelets of Down's syndrome individuals [1].
  • Augmentation of blood platelet levels by intratracheal administration of an adenovirus vector encoding human thrombopoietin cDNA [2].
  • We have examined human and rabbit blood platelets for expression of pp60c-src, the normal cellular homolog of the transforming protein of Rous sarcoma virus. pp60c-src kinase activity was determined by an immune-complex kinase assay that uses enolase as the substrate, and pp60c-src protein levels were determined by an immunoblot assay [3].
  • In contrast to the Fab fragments from the autoimmune thrombocytopenia patient who developed SLE, none of the IVIG-selected Fabs from the SLE patient without thrombocytopenia bound to thrombocytes [4].
  • In pathophysiologic terms, the reaction of IgG antiglobulin complexes with thrombocytes in vivo may be an important step in the chain of events leading to generalized vascular damage and deposition of immune complexes in vessel walls which is thought to be responsible for the development of generalized vasculitis in RA [5].

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