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The biphasic modulation of inhibin mRNA levels and secretion by PMSG in rat granulosa cells in vitro.

Granulosa cell cultures derived from diethylstilboestrol-treated immature rats were used to study the in vitro effect of pregnant mare serum gonadotrophin (PMSG) on steady state mRNA levels for the inhibin alpha and beta A subunits and the secretion of immunoreactive inhibin and progesterone. After 48 h treatment the dose-response curve of PMSG revealed a maximum stimulation (2.5-3.5 fold) of cytosolic alpha and beta A mRNAs over the range of 1 to 10 mU PMSG mL-1, with corresponding stimulation of inhibin secretion. A high dose of PMSG (160-500 mU mL-1) clearly suppressed inhibin alpha mRNA levels as well as inhibin secretion, whereas progesterone ( P) was maximally stimulated (up to 600 fold). Although the level of cytosolic inhibin beta A subunit mRNA was also down-regulated by a high concentration of PMSG in the culture medium, the doses required to suppress its mRNA level to less than those of the control varied. These data demonstrate that low doses of follicle stimulating hormone/luteinizing hormone (FSH/LH)-like (PMSG) activity enhances and high doses decrease the steady-state mRNA levels of inhibin in rat granulosa cells in vitro; this biphasic regulation in vitro reflects the differential regulation of inhibin secretion observed during the rat oestrous cycle.[1]


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