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Gene Review

Inhba  -  inhibin beta-A

Rattus norvegicus

Synonyms: Activin beta-A chain, Inhibin beta A chain
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Disease relevance of Inhba


High impact information on Inhba


Biological context of Inhba


Anatomical context of Inhba


Associations of Inhba with chemical compounds


Regulatory relationships of Inhba

  • In this model, a single dose of EDS (75 mg/kg BW, ip) induced a significant increase in testicular inhibin-alpha and -betaB mRNA levels 5 days after treatment (5.0- and 5.5-fold increases, respectively), whereas inhibin-betaA mRNA remained undetectable upon Northern hybridization in control and EDS-treated testes [14].

Other interactions of Inhba

  • Inhibin-beta A mRNA was seen in testes and mesonephroi in the male and in mesonephroi in the female of 15 and 18 day pc embryos [15].
  • Although these NTS cells contain multiple putative transmitters, we present evidence that activin, an inhibin-beta A dimer, plays a modulatory role in HPA axis function via facilitation of CRF release [16].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Inhba


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