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Effects of lymphocyte activation on transfer RNAs.

The influences of mitogen activation on the functional capacity of rat splenic tRNAs were evaluated. The specific amino acid acceptor activity, pmol of a specific amino acid accepted per nmol of tRNA, of isolated splenic tRNAs from in vivo Concanavalin A (37 h)-treated rats were up to 8 times the specific amino acid acceptor activities of splenic tRNAs from control rats. Control splenic tRNAs were treated with purified liver tRNA nucleotidyltransferase in vitro to repair the 3'[CCA] terminus of tRNAs, and subsequently assayed in an aminoacylation reaction. The specific amino acid acceptor activities were slightly increased over those tRNAs not repaired with tRNA nucleotidyltransferase, indicating the presence of a low level of defective but repairable tRNAs in the control rat spleen. Furthermore, our results indicate that cyclosporin A (inhibitor of lymphocyte activation) blocks the Concanavalin A stimulation of tRNA charging ranging from 16 to 93%.[1]


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