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Expression of Salmonella typhi and Escherichia coli OmpC is influenced differently by medium osmolarity; dependence on Escherichia coli OmpR.

OmpC, a major outer-membrane protein, is highly expressed when Salmonella typhi is grown in nutrient broth (NB) of either low (NB + 0% sucrose) or high (NB + 20% sucrose) osmolarity. This contrasts with the expression of Escherichia coli OmpC, which is inhibited in low osmolarity and enhanced in high osmolarity, as has been described previously (van Alphen and Lugtenberg, 1977; Verhoef et al., 1979; Kawaji et al., 1979). Nevertheless, expression of S. typhi OmpC is dependent on the E. coli OmpR transcriptional activator. These findings suggest differences between the mechanisms of osmoregulation of gene expression in both bacteria, although common effectors appear to be shared.[1]


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