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Analysis of the relA gene product of Escherichia coli.

The relA gene product, ATP: GTP 3'-pyrophosphotransferase (stringent factor) has been isolated in homogeneous form from an Escherichia coli strain polyploid for this gene at a yield of 1 mg/100 g cells and at a specific activity in a ribosome-activated assay at 37 degrees C of 120 mumol guanosine pentaphosphate formed min-1 mg protein-1. The specific activity in a methanol-activated assay at 25 degrees C was found to be 4 mumol guanosine pentaphosphate formed min-1 mg protein-1. These values are about 100 times higher than reported by others. Our further studies of this enzyme led to the following results. Antibodies raised against this enzyme inhibit the ribosome-activated synthesis of guanosine tetraphosphate and pentaphosphate but have no effect on the much slower synthesis, detected in the absence of ribosomes. The amount of stringent factor in the relA+ strain CP78 is estimated to about 1 copy per 200 ribosomes. The amount of antibody-binding material in CP79 (relA) is at least 5 times lower.[1]


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