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The presence of two types of prorenin converting enzymes in the mouse submandibular gland.

We have recently demonstrated, by protein and cDNA sequence analyses, that prorenin converting enzyme (PRECE) in the ICR mouse submandibular gland is identical to the epidermal growth factor-binding protein (EGF-BP) type B, the mGK-13 gene product identified in Balb/c mouse. However, in the course of cDNA cloning, we noticed the presence of the other cDNA type highly homologous but not identical to the PRECE cDNA. The sequence of the newly identified cDNA was identical to that of the pSGP-2 cDNA cloned from NMRI mice, which also encodes EGF-BP type B different at 9 out of 261 amino acids from the mGK-13 product. Although this difference has been explained by strain polymorphism, our results indicate that these two proteins are distinct gene products. The product of the newly identified cDNA also had a prorenin converting activity. Thus, the products of both cDNAs identified in previous and present studies are involved in maturation of two bioactive polypeptides, renin and EGF.[1]


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