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Porcine pancreastatin has no effect on endocrine secretion from the pig pancreas.

We investigated the effects of porcine pancreastatin on the endocrine and unstimulated exocrine secretion of isolated, perfused porcine pancreas. Pancreastatin in a concentration of 10(-8) mol/l had no effect on basal secretion of insulin, glucagon and somatostatin at a perfusate glucose concentration of 5 mmol/l (n = 4) and neither at 10(-8) nor 10(-7) mol/l influenced the hormone responses to acute elevations of perfusate glucose concentration from 3.5 to 11 mmol/l (n = 7). This elevation strongly stimulated insulin secretion and inhibited glucagon secretion. Exocrine secretion was not affected by pancreastatin. The results suggest that pancreastatin does not directly influence pancreatic secretion.[1]


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