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Spinal angiolipomas: CT and MR aspects.

Spinal angiolipomas are rare benign tumors containing vascular and mature adipose elements. In greater than 90% of the cases they are located in the epidural space. The clinical symptomatology is nonspecific, but CT and particularly MR studies allow for a precise diagnosis. Computed tomography (four cases in the literature plus one explored in our department) showed a hypodense lesion in 80% of the cases. In one case the angiolipoma was isodense to the cord. Magnetic resonance (three cases in the literature plus two explored in our department) showed a more or less homogeneous mass with a signal in T1- and T2-weighted images close to that of the subcutaneous fat. The infusion of gadolinium (one case in the literature plus one of ours) is helpful as an indicator to the degree of vascularization of the angiolipoma.[1]


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