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Glucagon and ammonia influence the long-term regulation of phosphate-dependent glutaminase activity in primary cultures of rat hepatocytes.

1. Glutaminase activity was measured in primary cultures of hepatocytes. 2. Enzyme activity decreased markedly after 24-40 h in culture, and this loss of activity was accompanied by loss of enzyme protein. 3. The loss of activity was delayed by high concentrations of glutamine, and was abolished by the continuous presence of NH4Cl in the culture medium. 4. In cells from rats fed on high-carbohydrate protein-free diet, glutaminase activity was increased by glucagon, but not by dexamethasone. This induction was observed only in the continuous presence of NH3 or high concentrations of glutamine. 5. It is concluded that NH3 and glutamine are essential for the stabilization and induction of glutaminase activity in hepatocytes. The inactivation of glutaminase in hepatocytes and in vivo under certain conditions may be due to lack of NH3 in the extracellular medium.[1]


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