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Variation in the mutagenic potential of acridines in Salmonella typhimurium, with stage of the culture.

The mutagenic potential of proflavine differed by up to two orders of magnitude in three strains of Salmonella typhimurium carrying the frameshift marker hisC3076, depending upon the stage of the culture. In cultures at a specific stage, proflavine showed decreased mutagenesis in a recA as compared with a wildtupe or uvrB derivative. The related compound 9-aminoacridine also showed marked variation in mutagenic potential with the stage of the bacterial culture, but was equally mutagenic in all three strains, at least in log phase cells. Within the literature, there are conflicting data regarding the mutagenicity of acridines, and the contribution of repair enzymes to this event. We suggest that many of the reported differences can be related to the variations in bacterial growth conditions in different laboratories, and urge authors to supply more details of these.[1]


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