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Sodium pump stimulation by oxytocin and cyclic AMP in the isolated epithelium of the frog skin.

Activity of the Na pump was judged by Na extrusion in epithelial cells loaded with Na by a previous incubation in K-free solutions in the cold. Oxytocin significantly stimulated Na extrusion either at normal (3.5 mM) or low (0.25 mM) K in the medium. It was stimulated as well by cyclic AMP. Maximal concentrations of either agent caused about the same degree of stimulation. Addition of ouabain or removal of K prevented the action of both agents, but amiloride showed no effect at all. These results strongly suggest that, a) neurohypophyseal hormones not only increase Na entry across the mucosal barrier of the epithelium but they also stimulate the serosal Na pump, b) cyclic AMP not only mediates the action of neurohypophyseal hormones on Na and water permeability of the mucosal barrier, but it also mediates the action of the hormones on the Na pump of the serosal barrier.[1]


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