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Renal carnitine concentration decreases in endotoxic dogs.

BACKGROUND AND METHODS: Renal cortical and serum carnitine concentrations were studied in seven anesthetized beagle dogs in which acute circulatory collapse was induced by an iv injection of Escherichia coli endotoxin, 0.5 mg/kg given over 15 mins. Four controls received normal saline. RESULTS: The endotoxin injection resulted in cardiac depression, renal hypoperfusion, acidosis with a decrease in urinary output, and hematuria. Arterial and renal venous free carnitine concentrations increased significantly in endotoxemia during the 5-hr experiment, but remained low and unchanged in the controls. Circulating acyl-carnitine concentrations underwent no essential changes in either group. Total, free, and acyl-carnitine concentrations decreased in endotoxic renal tissue. CONCLUSIONS: These data suggest that endotoxemia decreases carnitine concentrations in the renal cortex, but increases free carnitine concentrations in the circulation.[1]


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