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Mutagenesis of Chinese hamster cells in vitro by combination treatments with methyl methanesulfonate and N-acetoxy-2-acetylaminofluorene.

Mutational synergism was examined in Chinese hamster V79 cells exposed to methyl methanesulfonate followed by N-acetoxy-2-acetylaminofluorene (AcAAF) at different time intervals. Treatment with 500 micron methyl methanesulfonate resulted in 95% survival of cloning ability and induced approximately 4 azaguanine-resistant mutants/10(5) survivors. Seven micron AcAAF produced 10 times as many mutants, and the survival was 7%. Lethal synergism was observed for methyl methanesulfonate treatments followed by 7 micron AcAAF, and the resulting lethality was unaffected by increasing the time interval between treatments from 1 to 48 hr. However, no significant changes in the mutant frequency from that induced by AcAAF alone were found for treatment intervals of 1 to 63 hr. This result contrasts with the 6-fold enhancement of the AcAAF-induced transformation of Syrian hamster embryo cells exposed to the same combination with a 48-hr interval between treatments, as previously reported (Chem.-Biol. Interactions, 9: 351-364, 1974). The difference in the response of these two cell types demonstrates the difficulties in attempting to extrapolate the known correlation between individual mutagen and carcinogen treatments to combination treatments, with different cell types for the two cellular responses.[1]


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