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The relationship between vascular headaches and low-dose oral contraceptives.

The relationship between migraineous headaches and the use of low-dose oral contraceptives, the monophasic Rigevidon and the biphasic Anteovin, has been examined. In the examined cases Anteovin of higher oestrogen content provoked more vascular cephalalgias than Rigevidon with it's lower oestrogen content. In one part of the cases both pills even had therapeutic effects. According to the opinion of the author classical migraine means a relative contra-indication of hormonal contraception and is a serious adverse effect requiring the discontinuance of oral contraception. The headaches develop during the adaptational period of oral contraception and the migraineous attacks occur in the premenstrual period or at the beginning of menstruation which refer to an oestrogen withdrawal character. It may be supposed that vasoconstriction of certain extent, which has existed during the use of the pills, changes over to relative vasodilatation in this period and the extent of the changes is dependent on the oestreogen content of the tablets.[1]


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