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4-Hydroxyanisole: human pharmacokinetics.

The pharmacokinetic behaviour of 4-hydroxyanisole (4HA) has been studied in ten female patients with recurrent malignant melanoma confined to the lower limb. Ten grams of 4HA was infused twice each day via a catheter placed in the common femoral artery for a maximum of 4 days. Blood samples were collected after the first and fourth infusions in all patients and the serum 4HA concentration assayed. Following infusion, the serum 4HA concentration declined in two phases, the half-lives (t1/2) of the distribution and elimination phases being 6.3 and 70.9 min, respectively. The serum 4HA concentrations and area under the curve (AUC) declined significantly between the first and fourth infusions. There was a significant rise in the apparent volume of distribution (VD) of 4HA between these times but no change in the t1/2 of the elimination phase or the clearance rate. It is concluded that there is no evidence that enzyme induction influences the clearance of 4-hydroxyanisole from the bloodstream in the short-term. However, it may be appropriate to adjust dosage regimens to take account of the change in VD that occurs with time.[1]


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