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New inhibitors of renin that contain novel phosphostatine Leu-Val replacements.

A novel series of renin inhibitors based on the Phe8-His9-Leu10-Val11 substructure of renin's natural substrate, angiotensinogen, is reported. These inhibitors retain the Phe8-His9 portion of the native substructure and employ novel phosphostatine Leu10-Val11 replacements (LVRs). The phosphostatine LVRs were prepared by condensing a dialkyl phosphonate ester stabilized anion with either N-t-Boc-amino aldehydes or N-tritylamino aldehydes (derived from the corresponding amino acid). Structure-activity relationships at the Leu10 side chain revealed that the LVR derived from L-cyclohexylalanine provided a 130-fold boost in potency over the LVR derived from L-leucine. The dialkyl ester moiety was varied and a loss in potency was incurred when the alkyl ester was chain extended or alpha-branched; dimethyl esters provided optimum potency. The phosphonate moiety was replaced by a half-acid half-ester phosphonate and dimethylphosphinate; both replacements lead to a loss in potency. The more potent inhibitors (IC50 = 20-50 nM) were found to be selective inhibitors for renin over porcine pepsin and bovine cathepsin D (little or no inhibition was observed at 10(-5) M).[1]


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