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Susceptibility of baboon aorta elastin to proteolysis.

Elastin was purified from baboon aorta using Achromobacter collagenase and its susceptibility to proteolysis by various enzymes was studied. Human leukocyte elastase (HLE) hydrolysed baboon aortic elastin 8 times faster than human cathepsin G. Bovine chymotrypsin had virtually no activity against this substrate. The kinetic constants V and [S50] of aortic elastin hydrolysis by HLE (0.15 microM) were 0.00286 mg x ml-1 x min-1 and 0.158 mg x ml-1, respectively. One mg of this elastin could be saturated with 5.6 micrograms of HLE. As with elastins isolated from other sources, the hydrolysis of baboon aortic elastin by HLE was highly sensitive to ionic strength, and a biphasic effect was obtained with increasing NaCl concentrations. A nearly 2-fold stimulation of elastolysis was observed at a 0.15M NaCl concentration. Further increase in ionic strength led to a continuous decrease of the rate of elastolysis which paralleled the decrease of adsorption of elastase to baboon aortic elastin. Cathepsin G, but not bovine alpha-chymotrypsin, was able to stimulate the rate of hydrolysis of baboon aortic elastin by HLE. A 1.7 fold stimulation was observed for a 1:1 molar ratio of the two proteinases and rose to 2.1 for a HLE/Cat. G ratio equal to 8.[1]


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