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Expression of scinderin, an actin filament-severing protein, in different tissues.

Scinderin is a calcium-dependent actin filament-severing protein recently discovered in the chromaffin cells of adrenal medulla. In view of the wide tissue distribution of gelsolin, another actin filament-severing protein, experiments were performed to determine the tissue expression of scinderin. Extracts prepared from different bovine tissues were tested by actin-DNase I Sepharose 4B-binding procedure and immunoprecipitation followed by immunoblotting with scinderin and gelsolin antibodies. Among the tissues tested, scinderin was found to be present in the adrenal medulla, brain, anterior and posterior pituitaries, kidney, salivary gland and testis. Scinderin was not found in liver, plasma, skeletal and heart muscles. Gelsolin was expressed in all of the above tissues. The results suggest that scinderin seems to be restricted to tissues with high secretory activity.[1]


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