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Cytochrome oxidase assembly in yeast requires the product of COX11, a homolog of the P. denitrificans protein encoded by ORF3.

The synthesis of cytochrome oxidase in Saccharomyces cerevisiae was recently shown to require a protein encoded by the nuclear gene COX10. This protein was found to be homologous to the putative protein product of the open reading frame ORF1 reported in one of the cytochrome oxidase operons of Paracoccus denitrificans. In the present study we demonstrate the existence in yeast of a second nuclear gene, COX11, whose encoded protein is homologous to another open reading frame (ORF3) present in the same operon of P. denitrificans. Mutations in COX11 elicit a deficiency in cytochrome oxidase. In this and in other respects cox11 and cox10 mutants have very similar phenotypes. An antibody has been obtained against the yeast COX11 protein. The antibody recognizes a 28 kd protein in yeast mitochondria, consistent with the size of the protein predicted from the sequence of COX11. The COX11 protein is tightly associated with the mitochondrial membrane but is not a component of purified cytochrome oxidase. An analysis of cytochrome oxidase subunits in wild type and in a cox11 mutant suggests that the COX11 protein is not required either for synthesis or transport of the subunit polypeptides into mitochondria. It seems more probable that COX11 protein exerts its effect at some terminal stage of enzyme synthesis, perhaps in directing assembly of the subunits.[1]


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