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Positive effects of local therapy with a vaginal lactic acid gel on dysuria and E.coli bacteriuria question our current views on recurrent cystitis.

OBJECTIVE: We tested the effect of vaginally applied lactic acid gel on symptoms and bacteriuria in acutely exacerbated recurrent Eschericia coli cystitis. METHODS: Carnoy fixed samples of the morning urine from 20 women with a history of recurrent E.coli cystitis were prospectively investigated for bacteriuria using fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH). RESULTS: In 11/20 women with acute cystitis, the symptoms and bacteriuria were regressive with lactic acid gel treatment, without the need for antibiotic treatment. The complete regression of symptoms took between 1 week (7 women) and 4 weeks (4 women). In parallel with this regression, the microscopic shape of E.coli bacteria in these women changed from short rods to long curly filaments starting within the first days of therapy. The filamentous transformation affected 100% of the E.coli population in six women and at least 50% of E.coli population in five women and was not observed in urine samples from untreated women or in women without clinical response to lactic acid gel. This could not happen if the bladder was the origin of the infection. CONCLUSIONS: A number of recurrent and probably acute cystitis is a local vagino-urethritis caused by an adhesive invasive E.coli biofilm of the vaginal surface.[1]


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