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The pathogenesis of the nervous syndrome of Phalaris aquatica toxicity in sheep.

The clinical signs displayed by 96 sheep affected by the nervous syndrome of Phalaris aquatica toxicity and 10 normal sheep injected intravenously with the phalaris alkaloid, 5-methoxy dimethyltryptamine (dose range 0.01 to 5.0 mg/kg), were observed. The distributions of phalaris indole-like cytoplasmic pigments in nuclei of the brains and spinal cords of 9 naturally affected sheep were determined microscopically. Based on the relationship between clinical signs and the central nervous system nuclei involved in their production, the distribution of phalaris indole-like pigments, and the pharmacology of dimethylated tryptamines, it is suggested that the nervous syndrome induced by Phalaris aquatica results from a direct action of phalaris alkaloids upon serotonergic receptors in specific brain and spinal cord nuclei.[1]


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