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The S49 Kin- cell line transcribes and translates a functional mRNA coding for the catalytic subunit of cAMP-dependent protein kinase.

The S49 mouse lymphoma mutant cell line Kin- is resistant to the cytotoxic effects of elevated cAMP levels, has no detectable cAMP-dependent protein kinase activity, and has depressed levels of cAMP-binding regulatory subunits. We demonstrate that although the Kin- cell line lacks detectable catalytic subunit protein, these cells express wild-type levels of mRNA for both C alpha and C beta catalytic subunit isoforms. Translation of C alpha mRNA appears to be normal in the Kin- cell, based on the observation that C alpha mRNA associates with large polyribosomes in both wild-type and Kin- cells. We cloned the C alpha cDNA from Kin- cells and show that its transient expression in another cell type leads to activation of a cAMP-sensitive luciferase reporter gene, suggesting that functional C alpha protein is made. In addition to having catalytic activity, the C alpha subunit from Kin- cells is inhibited in the presence of mouse RI alpha regulatory subunit, indicating that formation of the holoenzyme complex is normal. We suggest that the mutation responsible for the Kin- phenotype is in a cellular component that directly or indirectly causes Kin- catalytic subunit protein to be degraded rapidly.[1]


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