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The tymobox, a sequence shared by most tymoviruses: its use in molecular studies of tymoviruses.

The 5'-terminal sequences of the virion protein mRNAs of ononis yellow mosaic and kennedya yellow mosaic tymoviruses were determined, and also the positions in the genomes of the transcription initiation sites of those mRNAs. Comparisons of the available genomic sequences of tymoviruses revealed two conserved regions, one at the initiation site and another longer sequence of sixteen nucleotides to the 5' side of it. The longer sequence, which we call the tymobox, was tested as a target for a designed ribozyme, which cleaved appropriate genomic fragments of three tymoviruses. A synthetic oligonucleotide with sequence complementary to the tymobox was shown to be a tymovirus-specific probe for diagnosing and identifying tymoviruses, except for wild cucumber mosaic tymovirus. The tymobox sequence was also used as a primer for the second strand DNA synthesis of dsDNA representing the virion protein gene of cacao yellow mosaic tymovirus, a tymovirus with unknown sequence. Thus, the tymobox is a useful tool in molecular studies of tymoviruses.[1]


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