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Production of somatic and germline chimeras in the chicken by transfer of early blastodermal cells.

Cells were isolated from stage X embryos of a line of Barred Plymouth Rock chickens (that have black pigment in their feathers due to the recessive allele at the I locus) and injected into the subgerminal cavity of embryos from an inbred line of Dwarf White Leghorns (that have white feathers due to the dominant allele at the I locus). Of 53 Dwarf White Leghorn embryos that were injected with Barred Plymouth Rock blastodermal cells, 6 (11.3%) were phenotypically chimeric with respect to feather colour and one (a male) survived to hatching. The distribution of black feathers in the recipients was variable and not limited to a particular region although, in all but one case, the donor cell lineage was evident in the head. The male somatic chimera was mated to several Barred Plymouth Rock hens to determine the extent to which donor cells had been incorporated into his testes. Of 719 chicks hatched from these matings, 2 were phenotypically Barred Plymouth Rocks demonstrating that cells capable of incorporation into the germline had been transferred. Fingerprints of the blood and sperm DNA from the germline chimera indicated that both of these tissues were different from those of the inbred line of Dwarf White Leghorns. Bands that were present in fingerprints of blood DNA from the chimera and not present in those of the Dwarf White Leghorns were observed in those of the Barred Plymouth Rocks.(ABSTRACT TRUNCATED AT 250 WORDS)[1]


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