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cAMP-dependent protein kinase and lipolysis in rat adipocytes. I. Cell preparation, manipulation, and predictability in behavior.

With the use of -cAMP/+cAMP activity ratios of cAMP-dependent protein kinase ( A-kinase) in fat cell extracts as an index of cellular cAMP concentrations, it is apparent from both the current literature and from data presented in this paper that classical cell isolation procedures yield cells whose behavior is unpredictable from day to day. Herein, procedures are described for isolating adipocytes, preparing cytosolic extracts, and assaying A-kinase that result in kinase activity ratios in isolated cells equal to those in the fat pad from which cells are derived, approximately 0.05. An important modification in the procedure is the inclusion of 200 nM exogenous Ado in all cell manipulation media, and the data indicate that variable removal of contaminating endogenous Ado accounts for unpredictable results with standard cell isolation techniques. A further benefit of Ado inclusion is greatly reduced cell lysis. Acute removal of Ado with adenosine deaminase results in rapid elevation of A-kinase activity ratios and lipolysis which, in fasted animals, equals that achieved with lipolytic hormones. Cells from fed animals exhibit poor predictability in behavior. Moreover, A-kinase activity ratios exhibit seasonal tendencies in response to Ado removal, with cells isolated in spring being more activated than cells isolated later in the year. The information and procedures in this paper form the basis for succeeding papers on the regulation of adipocyte metabolism by hormones.[1]


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