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A lymphocyte-specific protein-tyrosine kinase gene is rearranged and overexpressed in the murine T cell lymphoma LSTRA.

Protein-tyrosine kinases are implicated in the control of normal and neoplastic cell growth. We have used molecular cloning strategies to characterize a lymphocyte-specific protein-tyrosine kinase gene distinct from but closely related to src and yes. This gene, encoded by a genetic locus defined here as lskT, is rearranged and overexpressed in the murine T cell lymphoma LSTRA. Thus alterations in the structure or expression of this protein-tyrosine kinase gene may in some cases mediate neoplastic transformation. In addition, transcription of the normal lskT gene is restricted to cells of lymphoid origin. We infer that the lskT-encoded protein-tyrosine kinase may aid in transducing proliferative or differentiative signals unique to lymphocytes.[1]


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