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Structural analysis of type II variants within the mouse intracisternal A-particle sequence family.

Intracisternal A-particle (IAP) elements are present in multiple copies in the mouse and other rodent genomes. The bulk of this sequence family in Mus musculus consists of 7 Kb long elements, but the majority of IAP sequences involved in known transpositions have been deleted forms. The present study describes a subset of deleted IAP sequences (type II IAP) characterized by insertion of a particular short sequence element (AIIins). AIIins are interspersed and the majority occur as part of the type II IAP elements in the mouse genome. AIIins sequences are absent or in low copy number outside Mus musculus. We have isolated clones containing AIIins from a mouse genomic DNA library and have sequenced three isolates of AIIins and their surrounding IAP sequences to define the detailed structure of type II elements. AIIins are 272, 268 and 264 bp long and 90% homologous in sequence. They are bracketed by 9 bp duplications, suggesting they may be inserted elements. A 75 bp region containing a core enhancer sequence is repeated at the 5' end in type II IAP elements. Insertion into the IAP genome, with potential to encode an integrase function, may have played a role in the amplification of AIIins.[1]


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