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Three rat preprotachykinin mRNAs encode the neuropeptides substance P and neurokinin A.

Synthetic oligonucleotides were used to screen a rat striatal cDNA library for sequences corresponding to the tachykinin peptides substance P and neurokinin A. The cDNA library was constructed from RNA isolated from the rostral portion of the rat corpus striatum, the site of striatonigral cell bodies. Two types of cDNAs were isolated and defined by restriction enzyme analysis and DNA sequencing to encode both substance P and neurokinin A. The two predicted preprotachykinin protein precursors (130 and 115 amino acids in length) differ from each other by a pentadecapeptide sequence between the two tachykinin sequences, and both precursors possess appropriate processing signals for substance P and neurokinin A production. The presence of a third preprotachykinin mRNA of minor abundance in rat striatum was established by S1 nuclease protection experiments. This mRNA encodes a preprotachykinin of 112 amino acids containing substance P but not neurokinin A. These three mRNAs are derived from one rat gene as a result of differential RNA processing; thus, this RNA processing pattern further increases the diversity of products that can be generated from the preprotachykinin gene.[1]


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