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Density of sympathetic nerve terminals in human superficial temporal arteries: potassium permanganate fixation and monoamine oxidase histochemistry.

The density of sympathetic nerve terminals in human superficial temporal arteries from 5 cases at intra- and extracranial bypass surgery was examined with two histochemical methods, one with potassium permanganate fixation and the other with the new monoamine oxidase staining technique. By potassium permanganate fixation, small cored vesicles containing fibers of noradrenergic nerve terminals made up 29.2% of all nerve fibers in the adventitia. The monoamine oxidase-containing nerves in the adventitia made up 31.4%. According to this study, sympathetic nerve terminal density in human superficial temporal arteries was assumed to consist of approximately 30% of all adventitial nerve terminals. In periadventitial nerve bundles, some unmyelinated axons contained monoamine oxidase activity. Thus, staining is considered to be useful in demonstrating the periadventitial and intervaricose fibers as well as the nerve terminals of sympathetic nerves in human cerebral arteries.[1]


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