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2,5-hexanedione aggregates vimentin-, but not keratin-, intermediate filaments of PtK1 cells.

2,5-hexanedione (2,5HD) induces focal accumulation of neurofilaments in nerve axons and juxtanuclear aggregation of vimentin-intermediate filaments (vimentin-IF) in cultured human skin fibroblasts. It has been postulated that 2,5HD prevents the cross-filament associations of intermediate filaments (IF) with microtubules which are required for their transport. If this is true, only subclasses of IF which depend on microtubules for their cellular distribution should be affected by 2,5HD-treatment and the aggregates formed should resemble the juxtanuclear coils which form following dissolution of microtubules by colchicine. We have tested this hypothesis in PtK1 cells which contain two separate networks of IF: vimentin-IF which aggregate in the presence of colchicine, and keratin-filaments (keratin-IF) whose distribution is not altered by depolymerization of microtubules. Treatment of confluent monolayers of PtK1 cells with 2,5HD (4 to 6 mM for 14 to 21 days) induced aggregates of vimentin-IF which resembled those induced by colchicine (5 X 10(-6)M for 48 hours), but had no effect on the distribution of keratin-IF.[1]


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