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A gene locus controlling a serum protein migrating electrophoretically in the beta region of mice and detected by using a strain derived from the Japanese wild mouse (Mus musculus molossinus).

Antigenic specificities of serum proteins from the MOL-ANJ strain of mice (a strain derived from Japanese wild mice, Mus musculus molossinus) were studied by gel precipitation with alloantisera produced by reciprocal alloimmunization between MOL-ANJ and BALB/c mice. An alloantigen which migrates immunoelectrophoretically in the beta region of serum proteins has been identified. Evidence indicates that this antigenic specificity is controlled by a co-dominant autosomal gene locus designated by the symbol Sas-2. The evidence also suggests that Sas-2 is genetically different from the previously described Sas-1 which controls a serum protein in the mouse. Sas-2 was located by linkage analysis between Idh-1 locus and Akp-1 locus on chromosome 1.[1]


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