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Nonmyristoylated p60v-src fails to phosphorylate proteins of 115-120 kDa in chicken embryo fibroblasts.

We have used anti-phosphotyrosine antibodies to identify a large number of tyrosine phosphoproteins in Rous sarcoma virus (RSV)-transformed chicken embryo fibroblasts. Most of these proteins were found in the 100,000 X g supernatant when cells were separated into soluble and particulate fractions; however, one group of proteins, of 115-120 kDa, was found in the particulate fraction. The phosphotyrosine content of the 115- to 120-kDa proteins was greatly reduced in chicken embryo fibroblasts infected with mutants of RSV (NY314 and SD10) encoding nonmyristoylated forms of the viral src gene product that do not associate with cellular membranes. Since RSV mutants NY314 and SD10 do not transform cells, phosphorylation of this group of 115- to 120-kDa membrane proteins may be related to the process of transformation.[1]


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