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alpha-Bungarotoxin interacts with the rat brain tachykinin receptors.

alpha-Bungarotoxin (alpha Bgt) was shown to inhibit the binding of the 125I-labeled substance P ( SP) and eledoisin (EL) to the rat brain membranes with Kl values of 8.0 +/- 5.0 x 10(-8) and 1.1 +/- 0.5 x 10(-6) M, respectively. Lower inhibitory activity was manifested by several other postsynaptically acting snake venom neurotoxins. The alpha Bgt inhibition of SP binding with a Kl value of 8.5 +/- 5.5 x 10(-8) M to solubilized preparations of the rat brain membranes was demonstrated. The capacity to displace SP was found for d-tubocurarine and phencyclidine, although at concentrations considerably higher than those affecting the nicotinic acetylcholine receptors (AChRs). The results obtained suggest that some of the alpha Bgt-binding polypeptides, distinct from neuronal AChRs, may be functionally associated with the tachykinin receptors (TchR).[1]


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