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A FOS protein is present in a complex that binds a negative regulator of MYC.

Regulation of the human proto-oncogene MYC apparently plays an important role in cellular proliferation and the genesis of diverse tumors. Transcription from MYC is governed principally by two promoters known as P1 and P2. Previously we have detected a negative regulator of these promoters upstream of MYC. We now report that this regulator comprises no more than 26 bp of DNA, with sequence that resembles the regulators of at least two other genes, and we describe nuclear factors that interact with the regulator. Nuclear extracts from human cells form three distinctive complexes with the negative regulator. One of these complexes includes the product of the proto-oncogene FOS or an antigenically related protein, and the FOS protein may, in turn, be associated with the product of the proto-oncogene JUN. Similarly, FOS and JUN proteins produced by translation in vitro bind cooperatively to the negative regulator. These results raise the possibility that FOS and JUN participate in the regulation of MYC.[1]


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